Little Library

The Little Library movement started in the Midwest at least five years ago and has been rapidly growing in America. These neighborhood book boxes are places where people can leave or take books at no charge. We recently built and installed this Little Library in our front yard in Los Osos, CA. 


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Dog Porch

We enjoyed our neighbor Laurie's dog Milo, and often climbed up on our garden wall to pet him over our fence. To make it easier to visit with him, Richard built this dog porch. Milo was able to step out into space into our yard, survey his expanded territory, and visit with us!

Gearhead CD Caddy 

Gretchen and I needed more storage for our CDs, but our wall space was nearly filled with books and art work. By removing a picture, we opened up a 20" wide space, giving me the opportunity to design and build this CD cabinet. It slides vertically inside a taller cabinet which is attached to the wall.


I used two bicycle sprockets and chains which are attached to a pair of steel bars to counterbalance the weight of the sliding cabinet. This works very well, and is fun to look at and operate.

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